August Book Buys

You can say I have been getting on very well with my summer reads by the looks of book piled here. I’ve been busy reading non-stop, some days even reading two books simultaneously because they were that good.


1. ‘ We Should All be Feminists ‘ –  Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie. A powerful and personal book-length essay, adapted from her most viewed TEDx talk presentation.

2. ‘ The Thing Around your Neck ‘– A collection of 12 short stories by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie

3. ‘Not Working’Lisa Owens – Claire quits her job with no plan in place and finds herself doing not much with her new found time. Quite the opposite of what she had in mind.

4. ‘ Welcome To Lagos’ Chihundu Onuze – Five runaways paths intertwined as they head to Lagos in hope for a new life.

5 – 8. ‘ Harry Potter ‘J.K. Rowling – Boy. Wizard. Magic. Hogwarts. Owls. Giant Snakes. Wands …The list goes on.

9. ‘ The African Trilogy ‘- Chinua Achebe | Everyman’s Library

    • Things Fall Apart : Okonkwo – a tribal elder is intertwined with the transformation of the traditional Igbo society under the arrival of Christianity and colonialism.
        • No Longer at Ease : Okonkwo’s grownup grandson, returns to a colonial Nigeria from England, only to clash with the ruling of the elite to which he feels he now belongs to.
          • The Arrow of God :  The conflict is explored from he point o view of Ezuelu, an Igbo priest and, Captain Winterbottom, a British district officer.

          10. ‘Moby-Dick’Herman Melville | Everyman’s Library : Ishmael joins a ship for a whaling adventure and discovers Ahab- the captain of Pequod ship is on a hunt and seeking revenge of sperm whale called Moby-Dick who bit off his leg on a previous voyage.

          I managed to read and finished 7 out 10 books off this pile. I’m currently reading the 4th Harry Potter book and half way through The African Trilogy. Still struggling to finish ‘Not Working’. It’s not what I expected and get bored to easily especially when I’m reading all about the magical adventures of Harry Potter.

          What books did you read in the month of August?

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