Hello And Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Eau De Books. A blog dedicated to sniffing out new books to read to help feed my addiction and possibly yours too my fellow bookwormer. I fell back in love with reading in June and since then, you’ll hardly find me without a book these days so I decided to start a blog [ my second one, first one here – shameless plug ] so I can share my reviews and also discuss whether certain books are worth your time and money. I’m sure we could all use a little help and guide when it comes to picking out an un-put-downable books as I call them. You know, this hobby or should I say addiction of ours can be expensive. I’ve bought 4 new books this week alone and my Wishlist keeps growing longer after each book I finish reading.


I thought I’d quickly share this post to introduce myself and say hello before I roll in the reviews. In the meantime, I’d love to know what you’re all reading now and any books you’ll recommend. You know the sayings; Sharing is Caring and More is More but I say: more reasons to go broke. Hey, this could be our hashtag for recommending our favourite books to each other. #MoreReasonsToGoBroke


I took a break from reading my latest un-put-downable book [ ‘Moby-Dick’ or ‘ The Whale’ by Herman Melville – Everyman’s Library ] to set up this blog and I’m itching to get back to it so I’ll stop rambling and see you on my first book review coming up soon.


Thanks for checking in and glad to have you on board. Don’t forget to click the follow button for new posts in your inbox.


Also Reading: ‘ Not Working ‘ by Lisa Owens.  #MoreReasonsToGoBroke


E. D. B


Feature Image: Nanea Hoffman [ found on Pinterest ]




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